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Tinplate Profiles

Clem Clement - March 2003

Barbara Jones - January 2003

Don Brace - March 2005

Jack Windt - November 2005

Randy Berger - January 2006

Al Cox - December 2006

Alex Procyk - Spring 2007

Frank Loveland - Fall 2007

Brian Miller - November 2008

Joe Mania - December 2008

Rob English - December 2009

George Pins - November 2015

Tinplate Feature Articles Arranged By Category


Frank Samaritano's 2002 Christmas Layout - by Frank Sammaritano (January 2003)

Creating A Standard Gauge Billboard - by Michael Isenberg (March 2003)

Soundproofing That Works! - by Barbara Jones (March 2003)

A Different Kind Of Standard Gauge Layout - By Mike Isenberg. (January 2006)

Standard Gauge Module Association Meets At York Spring 2006 - by Jim Kelly (Spring 2006)

Standard Gauge Module Association Presents Spectacular Operating Standard Gauge Layout At York - by Jim Kelly (Fall 2006)

Why We Love Tinplate Trains - An Interview With Laura And Allison Keil, 9 Years Old - by Rick Keil (Spring 2007)

A Philosophy Of Tinplate Layouts - By Dennis G. Bonucchi. (Fall 2007)

Toward The Concept Of Tinplate - by Neal R. Nicolay (January 2008)

The Dream City Railway: A 21st Century Layout Running Tinplate Trains in the UK - By Roy James. (December 2013)

Repair and Restoration

Bringing Back A Lionel 408E - by Jim Kelly (January 2003)

Particle Bead Blasting - by Steve Rossi (March 2003)

Putting A Lionel No. 6 Back In Service - by Mike Isenberg (March 2005)

The Lionel Twin Motor 42 Universal Current Controller - by Jim Kelly (March 2005)

My Experience Servicing an American Flyer Wide Gauge Reversing Unit - By Mike Isenberg (November 2005)

Dorfan Standard Gauge Freight Cars: They're Pretty, But You Can't Run 'Em With Broken Trucks - by Jim Kelly (November 2005)

Repairing Tinplate Passenger Car Windows - By Mike Isenberg (November 2005)

A Tinplate Station Restoration: Lionel's Majestic 114 - by Mike Isenberg (Spring 2006)

Servicing A Lionel 700e Scale Hudson - by Jim Kelly (Spring 2006)

A Recent Attic Find Rejuvenated: An IVES 1927 Capitol Limited Set by Jim Kelly (December 2006)

Restoring A Carlisle & Finch No. 4 Locomotive And Tender - by Jim Kelly (January 2008)

The Little Engine That Could - by Rev. Philip Beverly Smith - (November 2010)

Restoration of a Howard No. 6 Set - By Jim Kelly-Evans. (January 2013)

Restoring A Lucky Find: A Lionel Early No. 13 Cattle Car - By Brad Kaplan. (January 2013)

Adding the Dorfan Lighted Wide Gauge "Victory" Bridge To A Layout - By Jim Kelly-Evans (December 2016)

Replacing A Fried Circuit Board In A Repro Dorfan 3930 Wide Gauge Crocodile - By Jim Kelly-Evans (December 2016)

Tinplate History

A Look At Boucher Paper - by Jerry Dzara (January 2005)

Tinplate Lithography: How It's Done - by Bart McNeil (January 2003)

Tinplate For Dummies - by Dave McEntarfer (January 2003)

The Track That Never Was - by Bradley Kaplan (January 2003)

The Unique Characteristics of the Lionel 2 7/8 inch Motor - by Joe Mania (March 2003)

The Observation Platform - by Louis H. Hertz (March 2003)

The Mystery Of The Sixth Car - By Dr. G. A. Robinson, Standard Gauge Association (November 2005)

Some Recollections Of Fifty Years In Standard Gauge - By George E. Brink, President SGA. - (January 2006)

A Look At IVES One Gauge Clockwork Locos, Tenders, And Early Passenger And Freight Cars - By Randy Berger and Dave McEntarfer. (January 2006)

The Orange Show Model Trains - by Charles Seims (Spring 2006)

The Poor Man’s President's Special - by Jon Hinderer (December 2006)

The Antique Collector And Historian: Some Notes On Boucher - By Louis H. Hertz (December 2006)

Lionel/Converse 2-7/8" Gauge #300 Trolley Variations - by Jim Kelly (Spring 2007)

Horace E. Boucher: Portrait Of A Great American Entrepreneur And Toy Train Maker - by Jim Kelly and Betty Childs Klaviter (Spring 2007)

The Antique Collector And Historian - Lionel Brass Locomotives - By Louis H. Hertz, SGA (Fall 2007)

Research Notes On Carlisle & Finch - by Frank Loveland. (January 2008)

Lionel/IVES Wide Gauge No. 1764: No. 1694's Big Brother - By Rev. Philip K. Smith (January 2008)

A Look At Marx "3/16" Scale" 0 Gauge Tinplate Litho Freight Cars - by Mike Spanier (November 2008)

A Tinplate Christmas Putz - By Rev. Philip K. Smith. (December 2008)

Rails From The Past - By David Linton with photos by Edward Hartman (December 2008)

Bruce Greenberg Hosts Study Session On Early Lionel Steamers - by Jim Kelly-Evans. (January 2012)

Draft Report From The Study Session On Early Lionel Steamers - by Bruce C. Greenberg, PhD. (February 2012)

A Guide To Lionel Classic Era Steam Locomotive Motors And Pickup Assembly Plates - by Bruce Greenberg. (January 2013)

The Lone Chrome Mayflower - By Clem Clement. (December 2013)

Tracing the Provenance of a Unique Carlisle & & Finch No. 45 Locomotive and Tender - by Jim Kelly-Evans. (December 2013)

United Electric's Tinplate Powered Airplane Display - by Jerry Dzara. (December 2013)

Disappointed No Longer: Voltamp or Carlisle & Finch Switches? - By Jim Burke. (November 2015)

Lionel 10 Series Standard Gauge Red Primer Freight Cars - By Brad Kaplan with contributions by Don Lewis. (November 2015)

A Look At Joy Line Trains - By Barbara Jones (December 2016)

Lionel's Prewar Switchers, Poster Child for the Semi-Scale Movement? By Tom Panettiere. Tom takes a close look at Lionel's Prewar scale and semi-scale 0 gauge switchers. Should they all be considered scale tinplate? (July 2018)

Modern Tinplate

Modern Tinplate: Lionel's Commodore Vanderbilt - by Jim Kelly (March 2003)

Modern Tinplate Review: Pride Lines 3-Rail Standard Gauge Voltamp Interurban - by Jim Kelly (Fall 2006)

Standard Gauge Module Association Nine Wire Specification - by Kirk Lindvig (Spring 2007)

Modern Tinplate Review: The MTH Reproduction IVES 1694 Set - by Rev. Phllip K. Smith (Fall 2007)

Extreme Tinplate: Creating Additional Passenger Cars For The MTH 384E Chessie Set - By Scott Smith (Fall 2007)

A Meccano Tinplate Steeple Cab Locomotive - by Colin Duthie (January 2008)

Building An 0 Gauge Stirling Single - by David Argent (April 08)

A Homemade IVES 1694 Locomotive - by Colin Duthie. (April 08)

Reproducing A Rarity: The Dorfan 419 Signal Bridge - By Bill Scandariato, TCA 87-26317 - (November 2008)

A "Christmas Day Diner" - By Mike Isenberg. (December 2009)

A Whistle Car With Universal Couplings - by Colin Duthie - (November 2010)

Two Great Craftsmen: Two Great Mc Keen Sets! - by Jim Kelly - (November 2010)

Make Your Own Five-Rail Tinplate Track - by Charles Grover. (January 2012)

Photo Essay: Trains Boucher and Voltamp Might Have Made. (January 2013)

European Tinplate

An Introduction To EDOBAUD: French Machine Age Prewar Tinplate Toy Trains - by Jim Kelly (April 08)

An Introduction To Contemporary British 0 Gauge Tinplate Electric Toy Trains And A Chat With ACE Trains’ Allen Levy - By Jim Kelly (Spring 2006)

Modern European Outline 0 Gauge Trains - What's Happening Today? - By Bryant Booth. (December 2008)

Modern European Outline 0 Gauge Trains: A Look at the Continent - By Bryant Booth. (December 2009)

Photo Essay: A Look At Märklin 0 Gauge Tinplate Locomotive Colors - From the collection of Patrick Dobak. (December 2009)

0 Gauge Tinplate Runing Outdoors In The Netherlands - by Leo Oostenbrug. (December 2009)

The Jerni Collection At Sotheby's - (November 2010)

Modern European Outline 0 Gauge Trains: In the Style of Märklin - By Bryant Booth - (November 2010)

A Märklin H64/3021 PLM Locomotive Rejuvenated - by Jim Kelly. (March 2011)

European Outline 0 Gauge Trains: An Introduction to PAYÁ of Spain - By Bryant Booth. (January 2013)

Modern European Outline ‘0’ Gauge Trains: “AS” of France - By Bryant Booth. (December 2013)

An Introduction to “Arts & Crafts-Restorer” Wolfgang Bauer and His Work - By Bryant Booth. (November 2015)

Merkur: Another Addition To The Roster Of Modern European 0 Gauge Tinplate Model Trains - By Egbert van Velzen. (November 2015)

“Out Of The Display Case -- To The Top Of The Rail!” - By Wolfgang Bauer and Bryant Booth. (November 2015)

A Look At Francesco Biaggi Ca. 1955 From The Pages Of The Gauge 1 Journal - by Jim Kelly-Evans. (November 2015)

Modifying And Running A Biaggi Gauge 1 "Krocodil" - By Jim Kelly-Evans (December 2016)

Shows and Events

The ATMA Show: Allentown, PA's Answer To York by Jim Kelly (January 2005)

York October 2005 In Pictures - by Jim Kelly (November 2005)

Photo Essay: Tinplate At The November 2005 Cal Stewart Meet - Photos courtesy of Charles Siems. (January 2006)

Toy Trains Mailing List (TTML) Breakfast At York October 2006 - by Jim Kelly (Fall 2006)

PHOTO ESSAY: Running Standard Gauge Trains At The Manassas Candy Factory - By Clem Clement. (December 2006)

York TTML Breakfast - Spring 2007 - In Pictures - by Jim Kelly (Spring 2007)

Details Of The Standard Gauge Module Association April 2007 Planning Meeting At York - by Bert Schuck (Spring 2007)

Altoona Diary: The Standard Gauge Module Association Display at the 2007 TTOS Convention - By Jon Hinderer (January 2008)

Standard Gauge Module Association Presents Record Breaking Modular Layout At The Syracuse Train Fair - Text And Photos By Jim Kelly (November 2008)

Massive Operating Standard Gauge Modular Association Layout Seen At The World's Greatest Hobby On Tour Show At Oaks, PA January 3 & 4, 2009 - Text and photos by Jim Kelly. (December 2008)

A. C Gilbert Heritage Society Publishes Article On The Standard Gauge Module Association Oaks Display. by Jim Kelly (December 2008)

Standard Gauge Module Association Layout Seen At The World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour in Chantilly, VA January 23 & 24, 2010. by Jim Kelly (January 2010)

Getting the Word Out At The Local Library - by Charles Grover - (November 2010)

PHOTO ESSAY: Kids and Trains At The November 2010 Standard Gauge Module Association Display in Syracuse, NY - Photos by Max Champion (November 2010)

Standard Gauge Module Association Display Layout Seen at the World's Greatest Hobby On Tour Show in Edison NJ - by Jim Kelly. (March 2011)

SGMA Members Dine In A Real Blue Comet Car - by Jim Kelly. (March 2011)

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